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I am continually adding features to fullfill my idea for an extension editor. Although nobody reported any malfunctions, I take no responsibilty for any damages this software causes to your computer.

No installation required, just unzip to a directory and run gfte. Uninstall, just delete the gfte directory. Portable? Should be.

Windows Vista and WIndows 7 do not provide an easy way to change file associations so I created GFTE.  GFTE will work with Windows 2000 and higher.

Gunners File Type Editor allows you to you to create/modify various properties for file extensions. Each user can have different properties for a file extension. For example, the default program to open .txt files when you double click on a file with the .txt extension is Notepad. GFTE allows you to change that.

Admin Mode allows you to change properties for extesnions system wide, you can set Notepad++ to open all txt files for all users, until the user changes that.

Gunners File Type Editor allows you to:

  • Create new extension
  • Delete extension
  • Change icon for extension
  • Change description
  • Change perceived type
  • Change MIME content type
  • Change default program used to open extension
  • Edit command line args to pass to program to open extension
  • Compares extensions - Shows what extensions were added or deleted (good to see what an install adds or deletes)
  • Shows user modified and user created extensions
  • Search for an extension
  • Modify Open With program list that explorer uses
  • Edit DDE info for extension
  • Modify EditFlags for extension
  • Admin mode allows you to do all of the above but system wide

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Gunners File Type Editor


All my software is free, but if you like it please consider making a donation.

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