Current Version : 6.11.10

Delvelopment is halted at the moment since IE6 and above do not play well with custom zones. You can still use it to modfiy default zones and create new zones with no ill effect.

What can IE Zone Editor do?

  • Add new security zones with icon, name, description of your choice.
  • Edit default security zones (My Computer, Internet, Intranet, Trusted, Restricted).
  • Add an unlimited? custom security zones.
  • Delete any custom security zone.
  • Backup zone settings.
  • Adjust the security for each zone.
  • Adjust "hidden" settings for each zone.
  • Modify the "My Computer" zone without the need for the IEAK.
  • Add Outlook Express to any zone you create.
  • Plus more!

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IE Zone Editor


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