Current Version : 3.0

MELT allows you to view error descriptions for the following MASM tools:

  • Ml
  • Cvtres
  • NMake
  • Link
  • Lib
  • Dumpbin
  • Editbin
  • RC
  • H2Inc
  • Midl

When you use the above tools, you will often receive cryptic error numbers. You will then have to search Microsoft and hope you can find a description of the error. I have taken that work away from you with this easy to use and quick program!

Select a download from the right

To Install/Use:
Enter full error number and press enter
To use the Note Browser, click the icon in the upper left for menu.

Standalone Exe - Create a directory and unzip to that directory. To uninstall, just delete directory.

RadASM 2 & 3 Addins - Unzip all files to your RadASM addin directory and use the addin manager to enable, once enabled you will find MELT under the tools menu.

WinASM Addin - Unzip all files to your WinASM addin dirctory and use the addin manager to enable. Once enabled/loaded on startup, you will find MELT under the addin menu.

MASM Error Lookup Tool Downloads


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