Current Version : 3.0.7

Simple enough, windows will display a value in either Decimal or Hex for Win32, HRESULT, NTSTATUS and STOP error codes (For the Developer, this can be the return value of an API call or from GetLastError). Type in an error code and WELT will display the Facility, Status, Code, Define, and Description for the error. You also have the option to create a note for an error (so you can keep track of what you have done to create the error) I have removed the notes for now, if you request it, I will add it back.

Although geared towards the developer, the average user should find this program useful.

Unsure of the value of a define? Enter it into WELT and it will show you the value.
Total defines supported:

  • Win32: 2,527
  • NTSTATUS: 1,730
  • HRESULT: 1,767
  • STOP: 318
Defines are from various header files and [MS-EERR].pdf - v20120328 released Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Am I missing a define (I know I am) Send me the define, value, and where it is from.

To use:
Enter either a define or error code and hit enter (you can also paste and WELT will automatically search)
Valid numbers are:

  • Decimal - signed or unsigned
  • Hexadecimal - 0x########

WELT will detect the error type from the code entered and if it is found, the type will become "enabled" under the edit control. You can click on one to get the error information.

To Install/Uninstall
Select a download from the right Create a directory and unzip files. To uninstall, delete directory

For the curious
The skin is called Anion from WindowBlinds

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